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Why The Sales Gang?

All the startups, tech, and innovative companies need to sell their products right? Yes, and they also need qualified and motivated salespeople to be able to do it. We know by experience how hard it is to find good salespeople (as sales is sometimes a "career accident" not a career plan) and how they can make a difference in any organization.

Clichรฉ phrases, empty corporate statements, lack of empathy ... we don't like that. After years within the executive recruiting industry, and with the valuable experience of creating startups from scratch and in sales, we are tired of the commonplace, lack of efficiency, or overpromises.

We combine the best in technology solutions for recruitment worldwide to help you, in whatever way makes the most sense for you.

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Ok, how it works for the candidates?


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    1. Check our open jobs above or register your profile below, filling the form
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    2. The Sales Gang team will analyze it and check if we have any match for you
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    3. We will vet your application to a specific job or to our pool, and if successful, we'll invite you for an interview or exploratory call, to understand your goals and aspirations
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    4. We will connect you with the best opportunities for your profile in the market, following your needs, goals and values.

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